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By Hexaware Technologies

The Digital Insurer

  • Improved customer experience for an Insurer through front-office automation with Hexaware’s RoboBank (Intelligent Voice and Chat Robots) and APIConnect platform. This enabled delivery of Insurance services through Kiosks, Portal, Mobile Apps and Social Apps like Facebook Messenger, LINE. This reduced the customer and agency service cost by 40%; increased online transactions by 5x with the delivery of personalized experience through customer journey analytics and optimization using Hexaware’s iAnalytics solution
  • Accelerated the digital enablement journey for a P&C and Life Insurer with self-service enablement for customer and agents using our APIConnect platform
  • Digital transformation partner for a large Insurer to improve employee efficiency and customer service through implementation of Guidewire PolicyCenter. Reduced the timeframe for data migration by 35% using Hexaware iConvert+ and testing effort by 40% using our iD2E accelerator for Guidewire PolicyCenter
  • Process optimization and operational efficiency improvement for New Business, Policy Service and Claims Management for a Commercial Lines Insurer. Cognitive OCR and RPA led automation across 63 different processes enabled by Hexaware’s RoboBank and other accelerators like Digital Operations Command Center (DOCC), Unified Screen, Configuration Manager (Rule Engine)
  • Reduced claims cost and improved underwriting profitability for an Insurer using Hexaware’s Cognitive decision support solution, iAnalytics. Delivered actionable insights for consistent, error-free selection of profitable individual risks by consolidating risk information from internal data and data available on internet i.e. social media, LinkedIn, News portals, Financial portals, Credit Agencies. Our iConvert+ solution helped reduced the data consolidation timeframe by 30%

Digital Insurance Playbook

We bonded with our partner WorkFusion to host “Beyond RPA: Optimizing standard RPA and the path to Intelligent Automation in insurance operations,” a webinar that focused on how the latest generation of RPA (which incorporates cognitive automation capabilities) can transform claim processes, an area that is too complex for traditional RPA.

Our and Workfusion‘s goal was to encourage insurance carriers to compete in the digital era by giving them a playbook for how to fully exploit the capabilities of RPA and cognitive automation, so they can meet the increasing demands for faster cycle times, reduced expenses and improved customer satisfaction.

Not surprisingly, the topic really engaged our audience, who sent in many insightful questions These are the top five:

What is your point of view on touchless claims processing and how soon it will be adopted in the industry?

What is the most successful approach to automate legacy processes on legacy systems?

What are some of the best practices for insurance companies to consider while initiating a RPA pilot?

How can you quantify the actual efficiency gain from implementing RPA? What are some of the parameters you should measure?

How do I select and prioritize processes for RPA-led automation?

Click here to view answers to the above questions

Access this Digital Insurance Playbook on-demand recording on How to avoid disillusionment in your automation journey.

About Hexaware

Hexaware is a fast growing IT, BPO and Consulting Company. Our focus is to help customers Shrink IT to eliminate costs and improve delivery of commodity IT, using automation and technology. Transforming customer experience is at the heart of our Grow Digital strategy.

We serve customers in Banking, Financial Services, Capital Markets, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Professional Services, Telecom, Travel, Transportation and Logistics.

We deliver highly differentiated services in Rapid Application prototyping, development and deployment; Build, Migrate and Run cloud solutions; Automation-based Application support; Enterprise Solutions for digitizing the back-office; Customer Experience Transformation; Business Intelligence & Analytics; Digital Assurance (Testing); Infrastructure Management Services; and Business Process Services.

Hexaware services customers in over two dozen languages, from every major time zone and every major regulatory zone. Our goal is to be the first IT services company in the world to have a 50% digital workforce.

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