Keylane is a leading European supplier of SaaS solutions. We develop and implement flexible standard software for the core processes of life and non-life insurers and pension institutions.


The Keylane Non-life Insurance Suite supports all core insurance processes.


Keylane offers life insurers an ideal platform for operational efficiency.


One-stop-shop: administration, planning, communication, collections and payout.

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Tilt the Triangle


Recent history has shown that no industry or enterprise sector is immune from the impact of rapid change and disruption.  Despite insurance being an industry whose depth of regulation is a barrier to change (and to new entrants) it too is now feeling the impact of forces, many of them external, which are leading to new ways of thinking and new business models.

Consumers are rapidly becoming used to new ways of interacting with service and product providers and in fact some of these interaction forms have quickly become the norm.  Anything less is seen as tiresome, irrelevant and not worth the effort. Read the full article; It doesn’t matter if you fail.

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We support the insurance and pension industry to Tilt the Triangle

We believe in creating openness to partners and customers while keeping run and compliance costs low

Current situation in the industry – customer oriented development restrained by keeping the engine running and compliant

SaaS solutions for insurance & pension 


Today Insurance and pension services companies need to be agile, flexible and responsive to face the cost pressures as well as respond to new business opportunities. 

Our mission is to help insurers & pension providers to be more competitive and offer the best customer experience through operational excellence and unique digital experience.

Keylane can help meet these needs via a delivery model that brings best practices and profound industry expertise. Thinking digital is in our DNA, we have been helping insurers and pension providers with digital transformation of processes, channels and products for over 20 years. We administer 30+ policies for over 100 companies across Europe.

Together with our customers we want to become a leading European provider of flexible and innovative SaaS solutions.

Think insurance, act keylane


Alone we can only accomplish so much, together we’ll achieve more! 

In our opinion software development is a real team effort. We enjoy intensive collaboration with our customers and are delighted that we can now count many renowned insurers and pension providers among our satisfied customer base.

With Keylane, you are assured with a solid platform that will keep you abreast of ever-changing market demands. 

The testimonials from our customers speak for themselves. For further case stories click here

Support all core processes​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

“The pension solution infrastructure gives us a lot of opportunities to streamline our client processes and configure them in a flexible way. On top of that, the Keylane policy administration system supports working paperless. By working closely together with Keylane we can optimise the service to PGB.”

Daan Heijting, Director Operations at PGB pension fund 

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Significant cost reduction

“The cost savings were so substantial that we have already almost earned back the cost of the new system. It was a pleasant collaboration across the project team. Everyone has great expertise and delivered on their promises. We were happy to give and take.”

Pauline Derkman, Deputy Director Life at a.s.r.

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End-to-end digital protection solution​​​​​​​

“Our protection solution allows providers, employee benefi ts companies and affi nity marketing organisations to offer customers

a modern and simple protection solution. It allows rapid market entry at a lower cost, using digital platforms to support new customer propositions.”

Stuart Welsman, Market and Proposition Director, Capita Life & Pensions

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